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Supply Post Ad Guidelines & Upload Information

Supply Post Newspaper Technical Data

  • Trim Size: 10.5"x 14.5"
  • Live Area: 9.75"x 13.25"
  • Bleed: No Bleed
  • Number of Columns: 6
  • Colour: CMYK, Greyscale, RGB not accepted
  • Images: 300+ PPI recommended
  • Preferred File Formats: .pdf, .jpg

How To Submit Your Ad

Option 1: Email

If your ad is under 15 MB, please email it to [email protected].

*Name your file with YOUR company name, as we get dozens of ads named "Supply Post Ad"!

Option 2: FTP

  1. Contact Supply Post Production at 1-800-663-4802 for an FTP account. You must have an FTP Account with us to upload ad materials.
  2. Open your web browser and go to
  3. Click on the "Upload AD materials" button near the bottom of the page and login with your username and password. You may need to turn off “Block Pop-Up Windows” in your browser.
  4. Browse to your file and click the Begin Upload button to upload it. When you are done, simply close the window.

Please contact the production department to confirm receipt of your ad material at 1-800-663-4802.